SCYO is a non-profit organisation that provides orchestral music opportunities for young musicians from about 8 years up to 23 years of age. SCYO has ensembles to suit musicians at most musical standards. An audition process is held around October of each year, resulting in offers for places for the following year. SCYO will also consider musicians joining throughout the year. All considerations are at the discretion of the music director and conductors of the ensembles. Please contact the Director of Music, Maria Salmon, if you need more information.

Audition Process
Instrumental teachers can provide advice on the most applicable ensemble, or come along to a rehearsal night and/or open rehearsals and discuss with the conductors. Book an audition time slot or slots at a link that will be provided approximately a month prior to the audition weekend. Pre-prepare the audition pieces. All auditions are held over a single weekend, generally in October, with different groups and/or ensembles allocated different days. A non-refundable small audition fee (comparable to most other Australian youth orchestra’s) is payable when booking. It is a required step and the booking cannot be completed without payment.

At the audition, musicians generally need to present a prepared nominated excerpts and/or a short piece of their own choosing. Amati only need to prepare a piece of their own choice – no sight reading piece will be required. The nominated excerpts will be made available on this page in advance.

If the audition weekend is completely unsuitable, you may choose to submit a video audition on a USB. The normal audition process must still be followed: you will still need to book an audition time slot and pay the audition fee. The Audition Panel will review your video during the audition time booked.

Offers for membership of an ensemble generally be made in November, and membership fees paid before the start of rehearsals the following February. Acceptance of a place in any SCYO ensemble is a serious commitment for the entire year! Carefully consider the need to attend Wednesday night rehearsals, weekend concerts, tutorials, workshops and other activities. An orchestral group cannot perform at a high standard unless all its members reliably participate. Audition fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

It is strongly advised and encouraged that musicians discuss and work with their instrumental teacher to choose the appropriate “own choice” piece and the nominated pieces. When choosing a piece, note that the maximum time to audition on one instrument is about 4 minutes across all pieces.

Audition for 2019

Auditions to participate in SCYO for 2019 was successfully held last year. The information below is available for your reference:

Booking link:
Date: 27 – 28 October 2018
Time: from 8:30am
Location: Chancellor State College
Audition Fee: $25

Late Auditions

Want to join SCYO in 2019? Late applications may still be considered. Please contact Maria for more information. Applicants will need to submit a video recording and pay an audition fee of $25.

Strings audition preparation:
Amati – Prepare a piece of your own choice. No excerpts or prepared audition music applies.
Sinfonia Cello excerpt / Double Bass excerpt / Viola excerpt / Violin excerpt – Prepare a piece of your own choice as well as the audition music supplied. You may choose to prepare either A or B or both. Music comes from the piece Impulse by Bob Phillips
Youth Symphony Strings Cello excerpt / Double Bass excerpt / Viola excerpt / Violin excerpt – Prepare a piece of your own choice as well as the excerpts. A is Mozart’s Magic Flute Overture – (starts around 1min). B is Mendlessohn’s Hebrides Overture –

Concert Band audition preparation:
Alto Sax excerpt / Bari Sax excerpt / Bass Clarinet excerpt / Bassoon excerpt / Clarinet excerpt / Euphonium excerpt / Flute excerpt / French Horn excerpt / Oboe excerpt / Percussion excerpt / Tenor Sax excerpt / Trombone excerpt / Trumpet excerpt / Tuba excerpt – Please prepare a short piece of your own choice and the excerpts for your instrument. The music is from Adrenaline Engines by Randall D. Standridge.

Youth Symphony (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Horns) and Wind Symphony audition preparation:
Bass Clarinet excerpt / Bassoon excerpt / Clarinet excerpt / French Horn excerpt / Flute excerpt / Oboe excerpt / Percussion excerpt / Trombone and Euphonium excerpt / Trumpet excerpt / Tuba excerpt / Alto and Tenor Sax excerpt / Bari Sax excerpt – Prepare a piece of your own choice as well as both excerpts A and B. The tempo markings for A is crotchet = 126 and B is a minim = 132. This year it is intended that YS and WS students work on the pieces without the knowledge of where the pieces originate. Piccolo Players – Prepare a piece of your own choice on flute as well as the excerpts for the flute and in addition please prepare a piece that shows your skills on the piccolo. Percussionists please note that your excerpts are exercises and the Snare drum is to be played at a March tempo.

The SCYO ensembles can change from time to time, and can grow to support demand. It is quite rare to be unable to find a place for a musician. Existing ensembles cater for young musicians with around 1 year experience with an instrumental teacher through to more advanced musicians with 8 or 10 years experience. The audition panel will consider a number of factors such as the current level of musical development, age, maturity, and speed of development in determining placements. In addition, pathways between ensembles are sometimes able to be offered, for example some musicians from Sinfonia Strings may be offered to participate in the strings section for Youth Symphony for some pieces.

Membership of advanced small ensembles such as Chamber Strings and Stage Band, are by invitation only, after auditions. Nominate interest in these groups at Open Days or at other ensemble auditions.

Parental Involvement
The success of SCYO and the breadth of what it offers for the cost, is dependent on parent/carer volunteers, and assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please consider involvement. Most tasks are done during a Wednesday night rehearsal. Information meetings also occur on a Wednesday night. Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring musicians attend SCYO events, respond to requests, and for collecting musicians promptly from evening rehearsals and performances.

Offers of placement 2019

Please see below for offers of placement for positions in SCYO ensembles for 2019. As details are confirmed for the various ensembles they will be added below.

As you can imagine, with over 220 auditions held for positions across 7 ensembles, it is possible that sometimes errors are made. If you feel for any reason that you have been placed in the incorrect ensemble of if your name is missing from the list (and you have not received an email saying that you were unsuccessful or other arrangements are being made) please do not hesitate to contact Maria Salmon.

A formal offer of placement into SCYO for 2019 will be made in the form of an invoice from our treasurer.

Youth Symphony Strings

The string lists are in order of seating positions within the orchestra. There may be some changes to these as members that play more then one instrument are needed to switch within sections.

Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Cello Double Bass
Echo Hunter Demecs (Leader) Willow Cramer (Leader) Reese Corner Ella Berglas (Leader) Ella Agapow (Leader)
Chloe Johnson (Assistant Leader) Tamsin Roberts Tajah Godfrey Grace Risby-jones Haydn Brumby
Casey Smith Amelie Grimes Sienna Coghlan Alek Little (Assistant Leader) Thomas Van Bruggen
Kate Monroe Elizabeth Nolan Oscar Nicholson Sid Bell Sahana Hoare
Chelsea Ledger Sebastian Box Jemima Dunn David Petrinchuk Eva Shen
Lily Kirkpatrick Lily Sowden Molly Pitcher -Webster * Violin 2 Robyn Vaughan Gordon Creed
Valmae King Lara Schofield Billie Macnicol Lauren Ward *oboe
Sarah Risby Jones Eden Williams Megan Whittome
Hannah Johnson Jada Sowden Jonas Hauber
Mirage Hunter Demecs Bella Saccardo
Nahmi Wood Mary Corcoran
Keenan Hauber

Youth Symphony Woodwind, Brass and Percussion

Thank-you for auditioning for a position in YS. The letters of offer shows the players’ numbered positions. If other players in the section decline their positions, sometimes players may, but not always, move up within the section.

Name Instrument Offered Position
Lauren van de Vorst Bass Clarinet 1.1
Liam Reed Bass Trombone 1.1
Jenica Hauber> Bassoon 2.1
Layni Cameron Bassoon 1.1
Keeley Le Galllez Clarinet 1.1
Max Robbins Clarinet 1.2
Sophie Mile Clarinet 2.1
Erin Scholte Clarinet 2.2
Annie Gordon Clarinet 2.3
Eline Van Bruggen Flute 1.1
Isabella Rogers Flute 2.2
Nellie Hillenbrand Flute 1.2
Jazi Guest Flute/Picc 2.1/Pic
Dylan Jones Horn 1.2
Jessica Piva Horn 1.1
Luke McCarty Horn 1.3
Thomas Montague Horn 1.4
Jaiden Rommel Percussion 3.1
Jerome Fitzgerald Percussion 2.1
Quinn Ramsey Percussion 1.1
Vivian Hinz Percussion 5.1
Alex Coglan Percussion 4.1
Cody Tilyard Trombone 2.1
Jay Ghodke Trombone 1.1
Jaxen Gleeson Trumpet 1.1
Ned Smith Trumpet 2.1
Ruby Daly Trumpet 1.1
Madi Tilyard Tuba 1.1


Sinfonia is in alphabetical order with the exception of some leadership positions. Other leadership positions will be assigned after camp in March 2019.

Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Cello Cello 2 Double Bass
Grace Fletcher Amelia Kellerman Emma Hanley Archer Palmer Alex Conway Erin Little
Halea Eggmolesse Annushka Bogden Hayden Brown Arlis D’arcy Maykbe Gates Jack Austin-Gardner
Izabella Filmer Elizabeth Wegener Isobel Troughton Brooke Williams Noah Elcolate
Jaya Lichy Ella Conway Luke Sim Cacee Forster
Laine Hessner Herbert Reschke Saskia Taylor Indigo Canavan
Lorelei Amy Kassandra Carter Sophie Pinna Kiri anna James
Natascha Bryant Leah Hooper Tilly Cook Laykin Hartley
Wahida Kelm Maya Shahar Naylie Hullemann
Zenna Pennay Sarah Lacey Ruth Corcoran
Sophia Smith Thomas Edwards


Amati is in alphabetical order with the exception of some leadership positions. Other leadership positions will be assigned after camp in March 2019.

Violin Leaders Violin Viola Cello Double Bass
Vienna Maunders (Co—Leaders) Aimee Lusty Xanthe Whittome Rachel Monroe (Amati Orchestra Captain) Bear Liddy
Sidney Mills (Co-Leaders) Nicol Hamilton Madeline Byrne Matilda Robbins Oliver Bischoff
Jack Edwards Scarlett Simoneau Fletcher Gibson
Hannah Kingscote Cameron Henderson
Thomas Wegener Bellamoe Amato Ali
Caoilinn Bowden Charlotte Farrell
Baos Nielsen Reuben Graham
Sophie Stavropoulos Liam Andrews
Alaria Taylor Burton
Makayla Vos
Summer Barker
Eva Cairney
Chelsea Fletcher
Lila Collins
Kalan Schmidt
Poppy Cleland
Noah Quilty
Isabella Clarke
Jada Barker
Coimhe Goergen
Shae Rasmussen

Concert Band

The concert band lists are in random order and seating and leadership positions will be allocated after camp in March.

Flute Clarinet Saxophone Bass Clarinet
Stephanie Montague Islie Saccardo Bridie Lehmann Eva Matthews
Emily Kremmer Rebecca Mullock Tadgh Bowen
Alexis Lanskey Abigail Bryant Lilly Gleeson
Mia Murphy Leo Innes Devlin Matthews
Jude Burnham Emmett Budd Amy Mullock
Bridget Mannion William Kremmer Chiara Matthews
Angeline Bates
Sheena Murphy
Lucy Ffitch
Trombone Euphonium French Horn Trumpet
Tianni List Lily Stewart Charlotte Turner Nicholas Vos
Dexter Williams Mackenzie Harris Luca Harris Jackson Budd
Sam Kelly Alastair Innes Charlie Kremmer
Maili Fearon Finlay Clarkson
Cade Brown
Tyler Cuttill
Millie Evans
Theo Carroll
Max Schofield

Wind Symphony

Thank-you for auditioning for a position in WS. The letters of offer shows the players’ numbered positions. If other players in the section decline their positions, sometimes players may, but not always, move up within the section.

Name Instrument Offered Position
Max Robbins Alto Sax 1.1
Jasmine Leask Alto Sax 1.2
Margelina Berger Alto Sax 2.1
Landon Cuttill Alto Sax 2.2
Zac Stewart Baritone Sax 1.1
Jameson Harvey Baritone Sax 1.2
Lauren van de Vorst Bass Clarinet 1.1
Layni Cameron Bassoon 1.1
Jenica Hauber Bassoon 2.1
Jessie Fitzakerley Bassoon 2.2
Keeley Le Galllez Clarinet 1.1
Erin Scholte Clarinet 1.2
Emily Cronk Clarinet 2.1
Natalie Williams Clarinet 2.2
Arianna List Clarinet 3.1
Valmae King Clarinet 3.2
Kate Monroe Clarinet 3.3
Liam Reed Euphonium 1.1
Eline Van Bruggen Flute 1.1
Jazi Guest Flute 1.2
Fletcher Connie Flute 1.3
Emily Dunn Flute 1.4
Isabella Lewis Flute 2.2
Ally Harboe Flute 2.3
Lucy Gillespie Flute 2.4
Esha Ghodke Flute 2.5
Alana Robertson Flute 2.6
Isabella Rogers Flute 2.1/pic
Jessica Piva Horn 1.1
Dylan Jones Horn 1.2
Luke McCarty Horn 3.1
Thomas Montague Horn 4.1
Natalie Ross Horn 4.2
Lauren Ward Oboe 1.1
Mia Bischoff Oboe 2.1
Quinn Ramsey Percussion 1.1
Jerome Fitzgerald Percussion 2.1
Jaiden Rommel Percussion 3.1
Adam Krost Percussion 4.1
Annie Gordon Tenor Sax 1.1
Juilian Stavrou Tenor Sax 1.2
Jay Ghodke Trombone 1.1
Cody Tilyard Trombone 2.1
Jaxen Gleeson Trumpet 1.1
Ruby Daly Trumpet 1.1
Lachie Eden Trumpet 2.1
Ned Smith Trumpet 2.2
Holli Emmerson Trumpet 3.1
Keeley O’Hara Trumpet 3.2
Madi Tilyard Tuba 1.1