1. On the top bar, click on the “Students” icon.
  2. Find the student involved.
  3. To create the charges:
    1. Click on the money icon for the student.
    2. Click on “New Charges”
    3. Set in the appropriate payment due dates.
    4. For “Line Type Item”, select “Other”.
    5. For “Program”, select “Instrument Loan”.
    6. For “Charge Category”, select “Instrument Loan Fee”.
    7. For “Line Item Title”, enter relevant instrument, i.e. “Oboe (1)”.
    8. For “Amount”, enter “$120”.
    9. Click on “Add Line Item”.
    10. Click on “Create”
  4. Close the window and email the student:
    1. Tick the blue box next to the student.
    2. At the bottom bar in your screen, click on the “Mail” icon.
    3. Change the reply-to email to your own.
    4. Select template of “SCYO Instrument Loan Fee”.
    5. Edit necessary details in the email.
    6. Click “Send”!