Arriving late or leaving early

Members who need to arrive late or leave early from Camp must obtain written permission from the Director of Music. This is to ensure the safety of members and out of consideration for the conductors who put so much work into planning the weekend.


Please remember your table manners, wait quietly to be served and only take what you think you will eat.

Everyone is responsible for leaving the table they use clean and tidy. Dirty dishes need to be scraped off and placed at the appropriate kitchen window for the kitchen staff to clean. Please don’t eat and rush off. Everyone is to stay in the dining hall until they are given instructions about what is happening next and have permission to leave.

Free time and study time

There will be some time during the day to socialise, chill out or study. Whilst there are swimming facilities at this venue, SCYO does not have the necessary skilled supervisory staff. Therefore attendees are not permitted to swim. Bring your favourite game, frisbee or ball games. Some members like to use free time to study so please respect their space.

Attendees are required to remain in the Camp grounds at all times.

Fire and Safety

Dorm groups are chosen before Camp. You can not change your dorm room after arrival at Camp for fire and safety reasons.

Girls and boys are permitted in both dorms except between the hours of 9.00pm and 7.30am.

Instructions for Fire Safety will be provided on arrival.

First Aid & Medications

The Camp’s First Aid Officer will be introduced to you on Friday night. Ask this person or an adult supervisor for help if you are feeling unwell. Several adults will be on duty all night so you will always be able to find help.

All medications needed on camp and instructions for their use should be given to the First Aid Officer. Parents or adult members are responsible for informing the First Aid Officer of any medical conditions that may impact you or other while on Camp.

Show your appreciation

All the Conductors and volunteer parents at Camp have given up their family time to give you this fantastic experience. Please show your appreciation by listening carefully, following instructions and treating them, and your fellow musicians, with respect. SCYO Camp could not happen without them!

Diet and emergency contacts

Please complete the Camp Diet and Emergency Contact Form as part of your Camp enrolment.