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Touring Opportunities

SCYO aims to provide a significant touring opportunity every 2 years, alternating between international and national destinations. The touring group is made up of notionally Youth Symphony and other relatively experienced musicians aged approximately 14-18. This should provide every musician the opportunity in their senior school years (or first year alumni), to tour internationally with the SCYO.

The tours are very busy, with many workshops and joint performances organized, with a little sightseeing thrown in. Commitment to the tour is generally required one year in advance, and costs are born by the musicians, although the SCYO supports where it can, with fund raising activities. A rough estimate of costs is a 12 day international tour may cost four to five thousand dollars, and a national tour approximately half that.

The ratio of adults to touring members is generally about 1 conductor or other required adult to 9 or 10 musicians, or better. See our International and National Tours pages or facebook page for accounts of our previous tours!