SCYO has two uniforms/dress standards – a casual uniform and the formal uniform.

Casual uniform

The casual uniform is a navy polo shirt with SCYO emblazoned across the back. It is generally relatively flexible what comfortable clothing and footwear are worn with it. The casual polo shirt is supplied at the start of the year for new members or members who have outlived their current shirt.
The casual uniform is often worn at non formal events such as camp concerts,  open rehearsals and so on. They are optional for rehearsals. (Occasionally, some performance or event may require the SCYO polo with black accompanying clothing. If this occurs, it will be communicated prior to the event).

Note that the photos below are showing the previous casual uniform t-shirt.

Formal uniform

The formal uniform is all black. The formal uniform is supplied by the musician except as noted below.
Female uniform: All black dress or black pants and black top. Black shoes. Socks, if necessary, to be black. Dress standard to be modest – black tights or stockings should be worn for non-full length outfits. Optionally can be accompanied by blue scrunchy, hair tie or similar accessory.
Male uniform: Black long shirt and black long pants, with black socks and black shoes. This is accompanied by a blue SCYO tie and tie pin (supplied to new members prior to their first performance).

The following range of images gives an idea of the different approaches that can be taken.