Fast track friendships, musical development and grow together as an ensemble – the annual SCYO camp is a fantastic way to kick start the year. In addition to working closely with conductors, tutors and alumni, SCYO brings in talented musicians and educators from a wide range of genres to provide a broad and rich experience for our musicians. Camp also enables the conductors to plan a musical repertoire, and catalyse the progression for the ensembles to more challenging music throughout the year.

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Venue  —  QCCC Mapleton
Date  —  23-25 February 2024
Arrival  —  Friday 4:30pm
Concert  —  Sunday 10:30am (free admission for family & friends)
Depart  —  Sunday 11:30am

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All costs are already covered in your annual Membership Fees.

The Camp concludes with a free concert for families and friends on Sunday.

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Musicians must organise their own transport to and from camp. Students cannot be dropped off prior to 4.30pm and parents must remain with students until they are checked in. Senior students are not allowed to drive themselves to camp and must be dropped off.

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Accommodation is provided in separate male and female dormitories, each with their own bathroom facilities. Parent supervisors are also accommodated in each building, in separate rooms.

Want to be in the same dorm as your friends? Please email all rooming requests to before 7 Feb 2024. Dorm groups cannot be changed after arrival at camp for fire and safety reasons.

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Arriving late / leaving early

All musicians are expected to attend the camp for its full duration to ensure that everyone in the ensemble progresses at the same rate. Members who need to arrive late or leave early from Camp must obtain written permission from the Director of Music prior to camp. This is to ensure the safety of members and out of consideration for the conductors who put so much work into planning the weekend.

Young ones in their first SCYO camp can often request to spend the nights at home instead of at camp.

Please email all requests to

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SCYO polo shirts will be distributed during camp registration to new members and anyone who has outgrown their old shirts. Members will perform in the SCYO polo shirt for the Sunday concert.

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Vegetarian and special dietary needs can be catered for, however parents must ensure that this information is updated on the portal before 7 Feb 2024 as our camp coordinator will be reporting this information to the venue kitchen by then.

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Medical conditions should have been declared during sign-up for audition. If you are unsure, please email the details as well as any medical action plans to

All medications needed on camp and instructions for their use should be given to the First Aid Officer during camp registration.

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Parent volunteer

The annual SCYO camp strongly relies on parent volunteers to provide duty of care, assist with organisation and supervision, as well as provide an appropriate ratio of adults to children for the camp. In return, volunteer parents get to enjoy a weekend away from home with catered meals at no cost, constantly serenaded by beautiful live music, with only-slightly-reduced sleep. Please get in contact with us at to volunteer!

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Further enquiries

Information is made available through this website, at rehearsals, and generally confirmed with emails prior to the camp. If you have any questions about camp, please contact Please do not contact Maria.

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Camp etiquette

Please go through the following with your child prior to camp:

  1. Dining:
    1. Please remember your table manners, wait quietly to be served and only take what you think you will eat.
    2. Everyone is responsible for leaving the table they use clean and tidy. Dirty dishes need to be scraped off and placed at the appropriate kitchen window for the kitchen staff to clean. Please don’t eat and rush off. Everyone is to stay in the dining hall until they are given instructions about what is happening next and have permission to leave.
  2. Free time:
    1. There will be some time during the day to socialise, chill out or study. Bring your favourite game, frisbee or ball games. Some members like to use free time to study so please respect their space.
    2. Whilst there are swimming facilities at this venue, SCYO does not have the necessary skilled supervisory staff. Therefore attendees are not permitted to swim.
    3. Attendees are required to remain in the camp grounds at all times.
  3. Dorm:
    1. Girls and boys are permitted in both dorms except between the hours of 9.00pm and 7.30am.
  4. Appreciation:
    1. All the Conductors and volunteer parents at camp have given up their family time to give you this fantastic experience. Please show your appreciation by listening carefully, following instructions and treating them, and your fellow musicians, with respect. SCYO camp could not happen without them!