• Music Essentials:

    Instrument, music stand, pencil, eraser, spare strings/reeds/cork, grease/rosin and other necessary instrumental accessories.

  • Sun Smart:

    Hat and 30+ sunscreen for outdoor activities is essential.

  • Bedding:

    A pillow, fitted sheet to cover the mattress, sleeping bag or top sheet and blanket/quilt

  • Clothing:
    • For the Camp Concert: Casual SCYO uniform including SCYO polo shirt, preferably dark shorts, slacks or skirt, closed in shoes.
    • Casual clothes: Comfortable, sensible casual clothes including shorts and jeans (which are more practical than dresses or skirts). Shirts must have sleeves, especially for outdoor activities. Please no exposed mid-riffs and plunging necklines!
    • Warm clothes: Nights can be cool.
    • Pyjamas!
  • Footwear:

    Closed in shoes must be worn at all times except in the dorms. This is a health and safety requirement that the Camp Management insist we enforce. Make sure you bring the correct shoes which includes closed-in comfortable shoes and a spare pair just in case your shoes get wet. Thongs or sandals are okay for the bathroom and dorm areas only.

  • Toiletries:

    Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, washer, towel, brush/comb, deodorant etc. No aerosols permitted at camp.

  • Extra Items & fun stuff:

    Board games, frisbees, balls etc. to play in your free time. These items are strictly the responsibility of the owner. This includes mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods and laptops for musicians with assignment work to complete.

  • Mobile Phones:

    Any phones brought to camp are to be switched off during all rehearsals, camp activities and after ‘lights out’.


    No aerosols are to be brought to camp as these can cause respiratory conditions and burns if misused and can set off fire alarms.